"If you're tired of experiencing nagging pain in your neck, shoulders, back, even in your wrists every time you work at your computer, then the following information is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT  to YOU! "


  Do you experience neck, back and shoulder pain while seated at your computer?
  Do your wrists hurt while typing or using a mouse?
  Are you constantly shifting in your chair to get comfortable?
  Does your pain wake you up at night?
  Has expensive ergonomic equipment failed to help you?
  Do you spend way too much time and money on a chiropractor or message therapist?
  Is it difficult to do the things you used to do?
  Do you often feel tired, even exhausted?
  Have you searched for ways of getting out of pain?
  Are you just plain tired of being in physical pain?


If You Answered "Yes" To Any Of These Questions, Then Help Is Finally Here!  Because Once You Learn My Simple Methods You WILL...


  Reduce or eliminate pain and fatigue
  Increase your energy level and productivity
   Experience better posture and comfort
  Say goodbye to stress
  Reduce eyestrain
   Increase your overall wellness


If you yearn to be comfortable and pain free, to be happier and more productive... then... I think you're going to like reading the rest of this letter. Here's what it's all about...




Hi! I'm Wendy Young and if you're in pain while you work, I truly understand.

 I've experienced nagging back, neck, elbow, wrist and shoulder pain.

I've experienced the decreased productivity and stress that accompany pain ....

And I now experience the joy of being pain free! Let me share this with YOU!

always thought of myself as a healthy person.  I never thought I would end up bent over from pain, too hurt and tired to enjoy all that life had to offer. But that's just what happened some years ago when I was working as a programmer and spending most of my hours in a chair that was designed for someone much taller than me!

I'm 5' 3", about average for an American woman, but my office chair was so tall and the seat was so deep, sitting in it made me feel like a munchkin. When I sat against the backrest my feet didn't even touch the floor! I was so far back in the chair I couldn't reach the computer keyboard.

I could sit on the front edge of the chair to reach the keyboard and rest my feet on the floor, but then I had no back support. And hunching up to stare at the black monitor screens with green neon lettering sent me to the eye doctor for glasses.  Talk about being totally unproductive! And, yes, my boss did notice. I felt completely guilty and had no inkling of what to do about it.

I had a talk with my supervisors. They thought trying harder was the answer, but it was simply impossible. Soon after, I quit that job and took a new one that led me into the field of ergonomics. That was in 1991, and today I can say my life has never been better. I'm doing work I love, important work helping people lead pain-free, healthy and productive lives. I know, absolutely know beyond any shadow of a doubt that I can help YOU! Our site also give link to credit card processing services.


"Wendy has really been my mentor in the field of ergonomics. She taught me everything I know about ergonomics and teaching people to be pain-free. I am a Certified Occupational Therapist and now I use all that information and knowledge that she imparted to me to help my patients be pain-free and prevent Repetitive Stress Injuries. Thanks to Wendy I can help lots and lots of people. She is such an incredible person and the business that she has established is really, really amazing"

Brittany Smith, OTR

Discover Proven Tips, Tools and Tactics You Can Use To Become Pain-Free and Live A Healthier, More Joyful Life!

Once you learn my simple methods, you can GET OUT OF PAIN, work more comfortably, be more energized and relaxed, be more productive and creative and have more quality time with friends and family.

Finally - say goodbye to high levels of stress!

You will learn how to reduce or eliminate wrist pain, back pain, shoulder pain, arm pain or any other computer pain even if you do not know anything about ergonomics or have had only minimal training!


Get Inside Your Comfort Zone by Wendy Young, CAE.

Get Inside Your Comfort Zone is a 200+ pages PDF course that will guide you through tips, tricks and tactics I teach to live and work nearly pain-free. All you need to do is follow the instructions in these pages and I know you will be happier, healthier and lead a more productive life!

Get Inside Your Comfort Zone will teach you to reduce the pain you have and prevent further pain. You'll learn to increase your body awareness,  increase your relaxation and experience higher energy levels. It's EXACTLY the help you've been looking for!



Important:  Here's some things you will want to know about me!

I'm qualified to help you!!  As you know from my story above I've experienced and learned a lot since being an uncomfortable and unproductive programmer! Here are a few of the things I've been able to accomplish in the ergonomic business. I tell you this to explain why you must listen to me and how I'm qualified to help you.

1.Since 1991 I have consulted and observed thousands of people while they worked and consulted with them on why they developed pain and gave them simple solutions.

2.I have led numerous workshops for corporate health professionals, administrative, human resources, IT, safety and medical departments teaching them how to help their employees feel better.

3. I have been interviewed on radio, TV, magazines and newspapers across the United States (The Wall Street Journal, PC Magazine, For Me Magazine and Teen Vogue just to name a few).

4. I am the DIY (do-it-yourself-network) Home Transformations TV Show Ergonomic Expert and help create an ergonomically designed office and give tips to the host, homeowner (and the viewers).

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